Wave Tour 2020 Recordings


Get access to the recordings of over 30 keynotes and sessions from The Wave Tour 2020.



Upon purchase, you will receive the access credentials to the full Wave Tour 2020 recordings collection.


What’s included:


Terri Mead: Piloting to Power: Claiming Our Power As Women to Change The World

Fireside Chat with Christina Stembel, Founder of Farmgirl Flowers & Natasha Zena, Journalist and Female Founder Advocate

The Wave Female Founder Pitch Showcase

Gillian Muessig: The Key to Higher ROI: Invest in Women Leaders

Jackie Huba: Fiercely You: Be Fabulous And Confident by Thinking Like A Drag Queen



How To Use Instagram to Grow Brand Awareness with Lauren Volper, Social Media Manager & Marketing Consultant, WineUp

Leveraging Assertive Insight to Ensure Your Business Thrives with Christy Nichols, CEO, Venture Within

Designing Social Impact Tech with Maria Tamellini, co-founder & COO, GamerSafer

Be Heard: How to Stand Out Above the Noise with Linda Popky: President, Leverage2Market Associates

Why Smart Women Are Crowdfunding with Kate Anderson, Operations Director, iFundWomen

Pivoting in The Face of COVID-19 with Ashie Bhandiwad, Founder & CEO, StemChef

Pursuing Prosp(a)rity with Briana Franklin, President & CEO, The Prosp(a)rity Project

How to Successfully Outsource Your App As A Non-technical Founder with Kyla Lam, CEO, Startender

What Angel Investors, VCs And Family Offices Look For in The Pitch Deck And Due Diligence with Xandra Laskowski, Founder and CEO, OSEA Angel Investors

“Sticking to My Story” – The Magical Influence of Storytelling with Donna Griffit, Chief Storyteller, Donna Griffit Corporate Storyteller



Raising Capital During A Pandemic with Erika Cramer, Managing Partner, How Women Invest LLC

How to Negotiate the Sale of Your Core Business on Your Terms – in the Midst of a Pandemic with Jen Saxton, Founder & CEO, Tot Squad

How to Avoid Being One of the 90% with Hillary Sinclair, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer, Onthemuv

White Hat / Black Art: The Mystery of Angel Investing with Jan Lederman, Director, Valhalla Private Capital Inc.

Achieve Explosive Growth Strategies through Strategic Partnerships with Maria Malavenda, Managing Director, KOL Ventures

Funding Women And Family Office Perspective: A Conversation between Two Female Founders And Investment Managers with Nadine Terman, Founder, CEO and CIO, Solstein Capital, LLC & Marianne O, Partner, Co-Founder, and Portfolio Manager, Lumen Global Investments LLC

Creating A Healthy Workplace Culture with Jodi Lasky, Tulane Law School

How to Increase Your Chances of Raising VC Capital (Pre-seed, Seed & Series A) with Suzanne Fletcher, General Partner, Prime Movers Lab

The Sound of Confidence: Turning Power Leaks into Power Plays with Hillary Wicht Voice & Presence Coach, Hillary Wicht, LLC (1 hour workshop)



Perfecting Your Pitch with Ita Ekpoudom, PartnerGinger, Bread Capital (1 hour workshop)

Most Common Legal Mistakes of Startup Entrepreneurs with Shannon Sibold, Associate, Morrison & Foerster

The Imposter Breakthrough: From Anxiety to Resiliency with Kate Purmal, Founder, Imposter Breakthrough and Lee Epting, co-founder, Imposter Breakthrough (1 hour workshop)

Alternative Financing Strategies: Opportunities Beyond Traditional Venture Capital with Kate Brodock, CEO, Women 2.0

#PeriodsOptional: How to Decrease Cancer, Decrease Anemia, Decrease Landfill, And Increase Your Productivity with Sophia Yen, CEO & Co-Founder, Pandia Health

LegalTech: Changing The Tides by Changing The Game with Debra Vernon, Founder, DBV Advisors and Anna Shen, Startup Advisor, Journalist, and Ecosystem Builder

FoundersLab: How to Solve Your Most Difficult People Challenges While Creating A Strong Co-founding Team with Shiri Sivan, Program Manager, Google Accelerator