We depend on your generosity to support the programs we offer to female founders across the globe. Women are notoriously underfunded in their business pursuits, whether it’s going after VC funding (less than 2% goes to women), traditional bank loans (an estimated $1.7 trillion in unmet financing needs), or even paying themselves (women pay themselves $53,000 less than men do).

We step into that gap and support women at every step of their entrepreneurial journey.

We ther Amountneed your help and appreciate all that you do for female founders everywhere. Here are a few ideas for ways you can help, whether it’s $10, or $10,000, every dollar helps to change the tides.

$10Give a woman a ticket to attend our Happy Hour program – and meet lile-minded women and investors
$35Give a woman a ticket to attend an informative workshop, webinar or fireside chat session with an ecosystem expert
$50Pay our Canva bill for a month
$100Pay the tuition for one woman to attend our 12 Weeks to Launch program to give the support and tools she needs to launch her business
$150Sponsor a woman to have access to our 1:1 Office Hours to get personalized support and get her unstuck
$350Pay the tuition for one woman to attend our Go To Market Intensive program to get her geared up with getting her product/service to market and prepared for either customer sales and/or investor pitches
$500Sponsor a woman for a month to be part of our mastermind program, Changing Tides Circle
$1500Sponsor our weekly open Office Hours for a month
$3000Sponsor a woman to attend our Customer (or Investor) Accelerator Program (starting in 2023)
Other AmountEvery dollar helps and we appreciate your support whether it’s small or a larger donation than those suggested above.

Monthly donations are especially appreciated as they give us ongoing support we can count on to deliver our programs to female founders everywhere. So please, if you are able, opt for a monthly donation. Thank you!

Changing Tides Movement is a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart Labs. So when you click the Donate page, you will be taken to a PayPal page sponsored by our fiscal sponsor, Jumpstart Labs. As our fiscal sponsor, Jumpstart Labs support our administrative overhead and allows us to focus on delivering on our mission. If you have any questions about fiscal sponsorship or the donation process, please contact us at [email protected]